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Temptation – The root of my evil

I have been a die-hard fiction junky for as long as I can remember, and I’ve always harbored the idea of trying to write my own mystery someday. A large reason for starting my blog in the first place was to get some practice writing, hone my skills, and develop my style. 

Well, as you can tell from the label on the top of this page, it appears that time has nearly come.  A little while back, inspiration struck.  A thought hit me and I got several ideas for some short stories.  The ideas persisted to pester me, and I have decided to begin working on series of short-and-sometimes-not-so-short-stories.

I have thrown myself into more murder mysteries than I can recollect, and I’m starting to think that I may have learned a thing or two from them. With prior life experiences that I prefer not to discuss, my background in criminal justice, and influences such as Harlen Coben, Dennis LeHane, James Patterson, Patrick J. O’Brian, Dean Koontz, and Dan Brown, how could I possibly go wrong?

So turn out the lights, crawl in bed, throw a sheet over your head, grab a flashlight, and immerse yourselves into my foray into “fiction.”  Or is it?

(And yes, I ripped this post off from my personal blog almost word-for-word.  Plagiarizing already…off to a good start!)

Thank you, that is all.


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