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Accident Prone

Diane briskly walked out of the lecture hall after just finishing the final exam of her freshman year at Ball State University.  Hitting the steps in front of the building in a light, skipping run, she tossed her backpack in the backseat of the waiting Mustang GT convertible as she approached.  She slid into the passenger seat, greeted her boyfriend with a short sigh, and blurted, “Let’s get outta here!”  Jack finished his exams the day prior and had his car loaded down and ready for their summer trip.

“How’d it go?” Jack asked, as he mashed the gas pedal and squealed off leaving a cloud of burnt rubber.  He noticed an exaggerated eye roll come from his high school sweetheart, who he’d been dating since the summer between their sophomore and junior years of high school.  “Well, at least it’s over,” he offered before anxiously changing the subject.

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Watch out! Things to look for

Easter eggs – No, not the kind left by an overgrown bunny.  Essentially a subliminal message, an easter egg is an intentional hidden message buried in plain sight in all forms of media. 

Throughout the coming stories, there will be many hidden references to pop culture within the plots.  Keep an eye peeled not only for suspicious characters, but for names, places, lines, and any other referrals I can manage to squeeze in.  Keep count and note your catches in the comments to see how in-tune you are with modern pop culture.  I will post a run-down of all Easter Eggs on the designated page not-too-soon following the publishing of a new story so everyone has a chance to read, and time to analyze the possible suspects.  Happy hunting!

*Note:  They won’t all be this easy.

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