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Cooking & Booking

Here’s the thing – I’m bad at cooking.  So when I find something I can make, I need to make sure I don’t forget how.  Unfortunately, awhile back I forgot something that I tried once that turned out rather successful.  Since then, I’ve been trying to list all of the recipes/meals I can make.  While I was at it, I figured that there are more than likely a lot of other guys out there who have no idea how to cook for themselves.  If I can do it, then anyone can. 

Cinnamon rolls – Now don’t those look absolutely scrumptious??

So I gathered my recipes and decided to compile them into a collection (a cookbook of sorts) that I will offer through my site once I have a finished product.  So if you know anyone who is graduating from school, about to move out on their own, fears burning the house down every time they turn on the stove, or are just a man in general, then keep them in mind with this rather practical gift idea.  Once this project has been completed, you’ll notice a new page at the top of my site where you can purchase a copy…or two, or three.  So start making your list now!  Be advised that this will not be anything complicated and will only have a handful of recipes that a guy can rely on – short and sweet.

While you’re here, I’ll even let you help me name the project!  Place your vote below and help me decide on a title.

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Thank you, that is all.



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Blogumentary: Step 1 – Research

Research has never been so much fun!  I have never enjoyed doing research unless it’s for a consumer product that I am considering purchasing.  More-so, I have never enjoyed what research goes hand-in-hand with…writing a boring, pointless research paper.  (Instead, I’ll be writing a boring, pointless zombie novel!)  However, after talking with a couple of authors, I have come to realize how important and necessary research actually is.  As a writer, it is imperative to know what you’re writing about in order to portray it accurately and vividly so the reader can picture the scene in their mind’s eye.

I fully expected to have to do a minimal amount of research for this project, considering that I pride myself on being pretty informed on the subject (zombies).  The little research that I did anticipate though, which is based on geography that the plot will travel along, was bound to be tedious and mind-numbing.  Continue reading

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