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Blogumentary: Step 3 – Writing

It’s been while since my last update, and honestly the thought did cross my mind to blow this off, but that wouldn’t be very helpful now would it?  For the 1 of you out there that might read this, trying to figure out if you want to try writing, posting my process could be beneficial.  Regardless, it serves as accountability and motivation for me, so here I am.  Okay, enough rambling.

Since my last update, I have officially started writing my first novel.  Exciting, I know.  I decided on a topic that I’m knowledgable about to make the process a whole lot easier – bikers.  At first, I cranked out a handful of pages out of sheer excitement and so I could honestly say that I had officially started writing.  Then I hit a wall.  I got stuck in one spot for months and didn’t know what to do about it.  I ended one scene but wasn’t sure how to get to the next one.  A writer friend advised me to skip ahead and start writing the next scene, then I could always go back and bridge the gap between the two once my mind was back on track.  That’s all it took.  Continue reading


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