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Friendly Rivalry

The hum of the amplifiers creates an electrifying atmosphere as the arena explodes with applause, cheers, and chants of “Encore! Encore!”  The final chord resonates while the band members energetically strut off stage, graciously thanking their fans for their support.  Once the group was safely backstage and out of the view of the crowd, they grabbed towels and vigorously wiped the sweat from their faces, chests, and backs.  But first, the lead guitarist, Chester, was compelled to reach for his infamous bottle of whiskey.

He downed a few swigs straight from the bottle, just to get the tremors to calm so he could hold the bottle steady and think straight.  The other members noticed, but had long ago decided to avoid the confrontation.  After all, until recently, Chester’s performances were never affected.  Until recently. Continue reading


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