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Extra! Extra! Read all about it!

Big news today.  I have several updates to share with you about upcoming projects and revisiting an old one even!  Recently, a close friend and I have formed a writing partnership to help encourage, motivate, and assist each other.  That partnership has spawned a renewed interest within me about writing.  I have created a writing profile on Facebook to make it easier to keep up with news and updates.  Check that out, as I will probably use that a little more often and leave this site more for my short stories. Continue reading


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Gimme Three Steps

It’s a familiar story and it starts out with me sitting in my usual spot; the dark corner down at the end of the bar.  It was a pretty typical night.  The Van Zant brothers being belted out of the jukebox, the mill worker “usuals” posted up at the opposite end of the bar, and a group of big burly gents in leather vests and some of their female companions occupying the pool tables and the tables surrounding them.  That’s when things took a turn away from normal. Continue reading

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