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Outside Your Window

Invisible.  Insubstantial.  Non-existent.  That’s how you made me feel.  I sat outside your window day after day and went unnoticed.  Even on the occasion you looked outside, your gaze just cut right through me.  I watched you eat breakfast each morning before leaving for your day.  I saw you return each night, exhausted, eating whatever random takeout you decided to stop at on your way home, often crashing on the couch without ever stumbling to your bedroom.
I saw the company you kept, and I could always tell who wasn’t right for you.  This guy never opened the door for you like any gentleman should.  That guy only opened the door so you would walk in front of him and he could stare at your assets.  I could spot the lust in his eyes from across your apartment.  The other guy was more engaged with his phone than he ever was with your presence.  None of them were ever good enough, but you never seemed to notice as quickly as I did.  Maybe I was just more observant.  Maybe.  Certainly.

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