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Blogumentary: Step 1 – Research

Research has never been so much fun!  I have never enjoyed doing research unless it’s for a consumer product that I am considering purchasing.  More-so, I have never enjoyed what research goes hand-in-hand with…writing a boring, pointless research paper.  (Instead, I’ll be writing a boring, pointless zombie novel!)  However, after talking with a couple of authors, I have come to realize how important and necessary research actually is.  As a writer, it is imperative to know what you’re writing about in order to portray it accurately and vividly so the reader can picture the scene in their mind’s eye.

I fully expected to have to do a minimal amount of research for this project, considering that I pride myself on being pretty informed on the subject (zombies).  The little research that I did anticipate though, which is based on geography that the plot will travel along, was bound to be tedious and mind-numbing.  Continue reading


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Book update: Blogumentary

(Okay, so I may have just made up a word in the title of this post.  If you wanted to write a commentary or documentary on a blog, then what would you call it??)

First, a little background.  In case you’ve missed it, I’ve declared several times that I am starting to write my first book – like here, here, here, and here.  (If you were already aware of that, then thanks for checking back with me!)  I have no clue what to do, how to do it, or where to even start, so I had some meetings with a couple published authors.

I’ve been a little intimidated by the enormity of such a daunting task.  So much so, that I still haven’t completely committed myself to it.  I insist on saying things like, “I’m THINKING about MAYBE TRYING to write a novel.”  I’m basically just running in place, even right now, by simply recapping posts that I’ve already written.

Anyway, once I stated my intentions, I heard from a lot of family and friends that they have had a very similar idea and to let them know how it goes.  With that in mind, when I started to come to the realization that I would finally commit myself to writing a book, I also decided that it might be cool to write about the process itself and track my progress.  Continue reading

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