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Established in Indianapolis, Indiana in 2015 by writing partners Adam K. Moore and Charles Kelley to provide services to each other as well as other local, budding writers.  Circle City Publishing aims to provide services such as full manuscript review (proofreading, editing, and critiquing), marketing and social media strategies, and assistance in finding the best printing options for every project.
Kelley and Moore are both self-published authors, who were unfamiliar with the writing and publishing processes when they sought out to begin their writing careers.  Luckily, through each of their “on-the-job” trainings, they were able to piece things together step-by-step, and provide tips to each other along the way.  Not wanting other first-time authors to feel lost or overwhelmed, Circle City Publishing was created to serve as a resource for other self-published writers.
Not only have Moore and Kelley collaborated with each other on many of their own projects, they have also provided services to Christian Scully, Andrew Miller, Jonathan Degler, and Katheryn Schwarz.  Their goal is to build a reliable writing community where knowledge can be pooled and used to benefit the collective.
The Logo

The city of Indianapolis was modeled after Washington D.C., with a circle in the heart of downtown, having roads split off in a spoke fashion; hence the nickname, the Circle City.  It’s only logical that our logo would be circular in nature then, right?  In the middle of that circle in downtown Indianapolis is the Soldiers and Sailors Monument, and on top of that is the Lady Victory statue.  It’s a distinct feature of the city, so what better way to represent the Circle City than feature the iconic statue, front and center, in our logo?  The fact that the design came directly from a collaboration with the founding members makes it that much better.


Contact & Submissions

Find us online and like our Facebook page to stay up-to-date with what’s happening.  Contact us by email here with any questions, comments, or requests.

*Due to ongoing time constraints, Circle City Publishing is limited in the projects they are able to accept.*



Fun Size: A Sample Anthology – Circle City Publishing is proud to present our first collection, including nine great short stories from nine different authors.  Included stories include offerings from Patrick J. O’Brian‘s West Baden Murders Series, Cait Marie’s Nirhyst Series, Charles Kelley’s Kings of Chaos Motorcycle Club Series, Christian Scully‘s Chronicles of Erika Lorenz Series, George Kramer‘s Arcadis Series, Adam K. Moore‘s Compendium Twenty-Three Series, Jason Cobalt’s upcoming Superion superhero series, Katheryn Schwarz’s Dragon Ascent Series, and Ben Oneal‘s Benjamin Kroh Series.  

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