Call for submissions:

Welcome to Circle City Publishing.

Fun Size: A Sample Anthology is now open for submissions.

Have an idea for a side story that you’ve been dying to explore, but don’t really know what to do with it?  We’re seeking short stories no longer than 8,000 words.  Stories should be set in a world related to a novel, or ongoing series.  This will give prospective new readers an opportunity to learn about your subject matter and writing style when they might otherwise be hesitant to buy an entire book that they aren’t familiar with.

The price of the book will be set to cover the minimum printing costs to facilitate a low price point and encourage new readers to explore the content.  Due to this, there will be no profit from sales, so this will be an unpaid project.  Successful submissions will receive a copy of the ebook.  Contributors are welcome and encouraged to promote the collection at any signing events.  The more readers, the better for everybody.

Submissions close on January 1st, 2020.  One submission per author.

Send your double spaced, indented MS Word or Google Docs document to  Please include your name as you’d like it to be published, the title of the story, and the word count.  The subject line of the email should also include your name, the title, and genre.  All genres will be considered except for romance or erotica.

Please include a brief summary of the larger work (title, number of books in the series, date(s) of publication, genre, etc).

Along with that, also include an author bio along with social media handles, web site address, and/or email address where readers can reach you.

Reprints or simultaneous submissions will be considered.

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