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Easy & Cheap Ways to Support an Author

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Previously, we shared how to support an author for free. You can review those articles here and here. This time we’ll offer some suggestions on how you can help support your favorite authors if you have a few extra dollars to spend. These are pretty simple and straight-forward, so this post will be pretty short. Continue reading

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Easy & Free Ways to Support an Author, Pt. 2

Last time we shared the simplest, free-est ways to show some love to your favorite authors. Since then, we’ve put more thought on the topic and have been able to come up with a few more suggestions. If you’re looking for a way to spread the word for your new favorite author, and you’re willing to take a few minutes out of your schedule, these suggestions could offer massive amounts of support. And who knows, it may just be what it takes to push an unknown author more into the mainstream. Continue reading

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Easy & Free Ways to Support an Author

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One of the most difficult parts of being an author is finding readers. Unfortunately, nobody tells you that up front. A lot of first-time authors have the idea that their friends and family will read it. Even if they don’t read it, they’ll at least buy a copy to be supportive, right? They’ll help spread the word once the book is released, for sure. Maybe a friend of a friend will like it and I’ll find new readers no problem!

Not so fast. It is remarkably difficult to find support in the most logical of places. For whatever reason, friends and family don’t always share the same excitement level for your accomplishment. Maybe they’re not aware of the time and effort that goes into becoming a published author. Some people hesitate to support something that isn’t established and/or popular for fear of judgment. They’re worried that if they recommend something, and people don’t react to it the same way they did, then that person will judge them for liking something “inferior.” As much as people like being the first to like something, the fact is, there’s just too many products out there to be discovered. There’s too much noise to drown out your attempts at publicity.

And with the rising number of self-published authors, it’s nearly impossible to know what quality level is being produced by a first-time writer. I hate to say it, because I want to be supportive of the indie, self-published industry, but there are endless numbers of bad books out there. Readers are also hesitant to spend their hard-earned money on something they don’t know is worth it. Without experience, and without a traditional publishing company supporting these authors (and without those traditional publishing company’s funds to pay for editing, cover design, advertising, etc), new authors get lost in the sea of nameless books.

Which is why this topic is so dear to our hearts. As an indie label, intent on supporting authors who are starting out, and are still trying to develop a readership, we want to inform and educate writers and readers alike. For authors, if our point hasn’t been clear enough already: temper your expectations. For readers who want to offer as much support as possible, or for readers who aren’t sure the best way to help, let’s get into it! Continue reading

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Call for Submissions: Circle City Publishing Presents An Absurd Apocalypse

Welcome to Circle City Publishing.

An Absurd Apocalypse: Stories from the Lame Side of the End of the World is now open for submissions.

We’re seeking short stories no longer than 8,000 words. Stories should center around the lamest world-ending events imaginable, and/or the effects those events have on normal, everyday life within the apocalypse. But don’t be confused; this collection will be far from boring. We’re looking for the quirky, humorous, outlandish, but relatable side of the apocalypse.

The price of the book will be set to cover the minimum printing costs to facilitate a low price point and encourage readers to explore the content. Due to this, there will be no profit from sales, so this will be an unpaid project. Successful submissions will receive a copy of the ebook.

Submissions close on November 1st, 2020. Two submission maximum per author.

Send your double spaced, indented MS Word or Google Docs document to Please include your name as you’d like it to be published, the title of the story, and the word count. The subject line of the email should also include your name and title. All genres will be considered except for romance or erotica.

Along with that, please also include an author bio along with social media handles, web site address, and/or an email address where readers can reach you.

Reprints or simultaneous submissions will be considered.

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