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The Kings of Chaos Motorcycle Club Series Book 4 Title and Cover Reveal

Bomber background title 1

“As the ancient, wise proverb goes: I’m too old for this.” – Will McGee.

What do you do when you want to save somebody who doesn’t want to be saved?  In the case of Will McGee, you just keep trying.  No matter what it takes.  No matter the consequences; Family, career, reputation, livelihood.  The reckoning of Will McGee is upon him.  The sins of his past have come calling, and now it’s time to confront them – while still trying to save those he cares about.  His efforts to bring things full circle just haven’t worked out.  No matter how hard he tries.  And when it all falls apart, you go to war with friends who wear a black and blue patch on their backs.

The next generation has gotten themselves entangled with the Kings of Chaos Motorcycle Club, and Will has one last shot to save them, the club, and his legacy.  Can he pull it off and make it work, or will he run out of road?

Prepare for the epic conclusion to the Kings of Chaos Motorcycle Club Series, but be ready for this one, because there are no fairytale, Hollywood endings in Rough River Falls.

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An Absurd Apocalypse Cover Reveal

It’s cover reveal day! While I’m excited to share the cover art for Circle City Publishing’s second anthology, I’m even more excited for you to see the stories within. But first, the cover:

The end of the world has become a romanticized topic thanks to the numerous books, television shows, and movies on the subject.  But what about all the times when things don’t go according to plan?  Zombies roam the planet.  Basic survival necessities become scarce.  Behavioral patterns are thrown into chaos.  Zombies.  The world itself revolts against its oppressors.  Survivors are forced to come together, whether they like it or not.  And, of course, did we mention zombies?  

An Absurd Apocalypse explores all of these ideas, while begging the question – What happens when the end of the world doesn’t go according to plan?  Seven authors contribute their unique ideas to answer that very question.  Get ready for some of the unluckiest survivors in uncomfortable conditions.  

Worst. Apocalypse. Ever.

Release date TBD

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The Lost Prince Cover Reveal

As an author, one of the most exciting parts of releasing a new novel is laying eyes on the cover art.  That’s when you know it’s all coming together and your project will soon be a finished book.  With that, I’m happy to be able to be part of the cover reveal blitz for my friend, Cait Marie‘s latest release, The Lost Prince – the sequel to her debut novel, The Lost Legends.

A mythical healing flower. A fractured kingdom. A curse unbroken.


Cait Marie’s long-awaited sequel, The Lost Prince, is releasing November 11! 


First, let’s see the cover! Continue reading

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