Do you have eclectic taste? Bored with the same recommendations about what to read next? Then the Fun Size Anthology is the perfect choice for your next read. Find the answer to what you’ve been looking for in this collection of short stories to get new ideas of what to add to your TBR pile.

Who doesn’t love the timeless battle between good versus evil? That age-old fight takes many shapes, and they’re all included within the pages of this anthology, ranging from outlaw bikers to angels & demons. Millionaire philanthropists who fight evil to fairy tale characters. FBI agents on the hunt for a notorious serial killer to dragons and sorcerers. Thirsty for a new spin on vampires? Enter the pages of this gateway of stories, and get to know some great authors and learn more about their worlds. Get your recommended daily bite-sized dose of goodness from these stories and more inside!

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Crossroads cover artCrossroads: Book 1 in the Kings of Chaos Motorcycle Club series

“It was a dark and stormy night. Just kidding, who starts a story that way? I mean, other than that cartoon dog with the typewriter.”

Meet Will, the guy whose childhood was ruined by an outlaw motorcycle club. Now that he’s grown, he’s decided to do something about it. That something may allow the motorcycle club to ruin his adult life too. When the family member of a politician is found dead from a drug overdose, Will is recruited to run the investigation. Will returns to his tiny hometown of Rough River Falls, Kentucky to save it from itself and exact vengeance for his missed youth. Can he infiltrate a group of outlaws and keep his hidden agenda a secret, or will they find out what he’s up to? Can one man actually make a difference when he faces off against a criminal organization? Is there anyone worth the hassle of saving in Rough River Falls, or is the whole town a lost cause? Hold on tight, it’s going to be a bumpy ride!

deluxe hardcover edition featuring photo tour of Rough River Falls






Crossfire: Book 2 in the Kings of Chaos Motorcycle Club series

“Once upon a time, in a far away land, there was a knight who tried to save a princess. That’s an example of how this story doesn’t start. This is no fairytale folks, so if that’s what you’re looking for, then you’ll have to keep looking. This is more of a nightmare. My nightmare.”

Will McGee is back! Just when he thought he could take a break from infiltrating and toppling an outlaw motorcycle club, he realized just how much his tiny hometown of Rough River Falls, Kentucky truly needs him…even if it appears that they don’t want him. The town is imploding as a direct result of his actions against the Kings of Chaos Motorcycle Club, and the impact is starting to rear its ugly head in multiple ways. The lawman’s battles have left him scarred and weary, but he’s never been one to leave things alone. Can he restore order to the chaos he created, or will he get caught in the Crossfire? Grab a helmet, this ride could get a little out of control.


Crossover: Book 3 in the Kings of Chaos Motorcycle Club series

“Yeah, see, it all started when this dame walked into my office, see.  Nope, just kidding.  This isn’t that kind of detective story.  I’m not classy or elegant enough for all that mess.”

The return of Will McGee!  He’s toppled an outlaw motorcycle club, crippled a drug distribution ring, and dealt with crushing personal blows along the way.  So what do you do when you reach the end of the road?  You turn around and ride back where you came from.   When a new black and blue patch begins popping up around Rough River Falls, along with some all-too-familiar faces, Will is confronted by his past.  Whether he’s ready for it or not.  Throw on a rain suit, because the sunshine is over.

Go on an amazing adventure with an impossibly buoyant toy boat. Sail through a raging storm, outlast a pirate attack, face down a sea monster, and endure a thunderous waterfall! Take a look inside and see what other adventures lie ahead!

A children’s book with an inside joke for the parents. Grammar police need not apply. My Ship Don’t Sink! is focused on phonics, alliteration, and enunciation to build up the clear formation of words. Don’t let the tongue twisters trip you up!