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The CKFiction Dictionary: My Top 10 Grammar Pet Peeves

The last post in this series focused on all the best words.  This time, we’re going to shift and go in the opposite direction.  As somewhat of a wordsmith, there are terms and phrases that I hear on a daily basis that drive me mad.  We all know the standard cliches.  This post is about to be one of them.  But I’m going to focus more on commonly misused words or sayings.  Here’s what I have in mind: Continue reading

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The CKFiction Dictionary – All the Best Words


As a writer, I like to challenge myself when it comes to my vocabulary.  It’s fun to discover new words, or simply introduce under-utilized words whenever possible.  In addition to that, I’m a total hillbilly, and I was raised around some of the best sayings you could ever imagine.  I’d like to take a few minutes and share some personal favorites with you, just so we can all enjoy the wonder of these splendid words!  Let’s begin, shall we?

My top 25 best words on the face of the earth: Continue reading

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