“Get over here dammit!” he says, seething as he rips the car door open.

I’m unclear why he’s so mad at me.  It’s not like it was my intent for this to happen.  We were both happily driving along, then suddenly something very unfortunate happened.  In a split second, we were both resting at a complete stop following an awful mechanical sound.

“Get out here!”  He relentlessly yanks me from my seat until I am free of my restraints.  The physical abuse begins immediately and I’m unable to even say anything.  He drops me to the ground and kicks me until I’m laying halfway under his vehicle.  He grabs my arm and begins to crank it around behind my back.  He doesn’t stop.  He continues this over and over like it’s a bad wrestling move.  Wrestling might be fake, but my joints creak in agony from the pressure nonetheless.

“I can’t believe this!  Of all days,” he trails off, continuing to mumble under his breath.  I hear his footsteps back away from me.  I keep trying to stand up and straighten my legs, but I’m pinned between the ground and this guy’s car.  I continue to strain, eventually lifting the edge of the car frame just enough to get a peek of the man as he’s returning to my location.  I see a tire iron in his hand and I can only be grateful that this ordeal is all about to end.

He steps around me, and I hear the lug wrench being put to use.  His car teeters each time he makes contact with the heavy-duty tool.  In a strange twist of time, it seems like forever occurs fairly quickly.  Finally, the tire iron is dropped to the ground in an exhale of exhaustion.  The next thing I know, my arm is being twisted in the opposite direction from a few minutes ago until my legs collapse.  I’m eventually dragged out from beneath the vehicle and returned to my rightful spot in the trunk of the car.  The lug wrench is tossed on top of me, followed by the flat tire that started this whole ordeal.  My friend seems a lot less stressed, having repaired the breakdown so that he can now resume his road trip to destinations unknown.  What can I say?  All in a day’s work.

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