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As a writer, I like to challenge myself when it comes to my vocabulary.  It’s fun to discover new words, or simply introduce under-utilized words whenever possible.  In addition to that, I’m a total hillbilly, and I was raised around some of the best sayings you could ever imagine.  I’d like to take a few minutes and share some personal favorites with you, just so we can all enjoy the wonder of these splendid words!  Let’s begin, shall we?

My top 25 best words on the face of the earth:

Asininery – a derivative of asinine.  A term I coined combining stupidity with jack-ass-ery.

Bamboozled – fooled, tricked, or cheated.

Brouhaha – an uproar, or altercation.

Burgle/Burgling/Burgled – entering a building without authorization with the intent to steal.  Alternatives to burglary/burglarize.

Cattywampus – items that are not arranged in an organized manner, or a line that is not straight.

Discombobulated – confused.

Donnybrook – see brouhaha.

Duped – see bamboozled.

Flabbergasted – astounded, or amazed.

Fracas – see donnybrook.

Gruntled – the opposite of disgruntled.  It means exactly what you think it does: happy, joyful, content.  However, interestingly enough, the same does not apply with the word disdain.

Hogwash – nonsense.

Hoodwink – see duped.

Jack-ass-ery – see asininery.

Kerfuffle – see fracas.

Lollygag – to dawdle, or move slowly.

Malarkey – see hogwash.

Nincompoop – ignoramus, or fool.

Scuffle – see kerfuffle.

Shenanigans – silly/sneaky behavior, or mischief.

Skedaddle – to scoot, or make an exit.

Slobber-knocker – see scuffle, but more violent.

Swindle – see hoodwink.

Tomfoolery – see shenanigans.

Uncanny – unnatural, or odd.

Man, those bring a smile to my face every time they come to mind.  Who ever knew there were so many good words for fighting or tricking people?  Well, now we all do!  What are some of your favorite words?  Sound off in the comments below and let me know what I left off the list!

Thank you, that is all.


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