The Flame

Is there anything better than laying in a field on the earliest autumn days, soaking up sunshine as the rays warm your face?  There’s really not.  The serenity of enjoying every second of that moment is unparalleled, which makes the next turn of events in my story even more jarring.

Imagine laying in a field as I just described, only to be ripped from your makeshift bed.  Abducted against your will, tossed into the trunk of a random vehicle, and taken to some strange house that you’ve never seen before.  My captors don’t even have the decency to take me inside.  I get forgotten and neglected for days, left outside in the elements.  I can see into the house through a window down the side of the front door.  That’s the only way I can keep track of the concept of time.  There’s a daily calendar just inside that keeps track of my days.  The calendar flips to October, and my mind starts racing.  What do they have in store for me??  Then I get some company.  On the first of the month, they drop another hostage right next to me.  There’s a chill in the air, then they grab my newfound friend and haul him inside.

I see through the living area and into the kitchen, where they pull out a massive knife.  Before I have time to react, they plunge the blade into the top of their victim.  They slice and gouge, before eventually scooping out his mushy guts.  The sloshing, slurping sounds from inside the structure assault my ears and make my insides churn.  I watch in horror as they pull handfuls of sinewy tissue and slop it in a giant bowl.  They form a demented smile on his face, and toss his insides into the oven.  This is beyond sickening.  It’s more than I can handle.  Then they place the grimacing, grinning face right next to me, staring at me blankly.  There’s no life beyond the flicker of painful fire behind the eyes.  I glance back inside just in time to see them pull the pan from the oven and slice into the fresh, warm, pumpkin pie, and all I can think is, “I’m next…”

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