The CKFiction Year in Review

As I shared about a month ago, I was very intentional this year about making some improvements and advances with my writing career.  Given the stats I’ve achieved on my site for this year, I’m excited for things to come.  Let’s take a look at some raw numbers.

In the past 12 months I’ve posted 54 articles (including this one), including 6 features on other writers, 4 book reviews, 4 spotlights on resources in the writing community, 4 posts in my ongoing Behind the Scenes series, 12 Blogumentary articles, 2 CKFiction Dictionary posts, 4 Literary Listening playlists, 2 Literary Locations, 4 short stories and poems, and rounded out the total with 12 miscellaneous posts.

Once I started seeing the response I was getting from regularly posting content, I quietly set a goal for my site for the year.  I didn’t broadcast this to anybody because I hate the feeling of failing, and it’s also not polite to discuss numbers, as I’ve also previously shared. Having said that, with being the sole contributor and publishing weekly posts versus having a whole team of contributors cranking out daily articles, I decided that 1,000 views would be a big deal.  I can report that as of today, I have had 1,134 views this calendar year, and I’m super pleased with that.  As with most writers, I suffer from a lack of confidence, so I really doubted that 1k was achievable by some no-name nobody…especially with my previous best year (2018) being considerably lower with 354 views (albeit, that was with minimal effort).

All of this turns the pressure on for the upcoming year.  Can I keep up the content production?  Honestly, I’m not sure.  I’d love to unequivocally say yes, but let’s be real for a second; with a full-time job, wife, and 2 small kids, that’s a tall order to keep up with.  But I’m off to a good start with a little over 20 new articles in the works, and those are just the ones I can plan for.  I’ll have more book reviews to write up whenever I finish reading a new book so I can give you all good recommendations.  I’ll have news to share about upcoming projects, and likely will receive a few press releases to share with you as well throughout the year.

What kinds of posts can you count on seeing this year?  Well let’s get a quick preview of some of those upcoming posts!  You can count on seeing another Kings of Chaos Behind the Scenes in the near future, focusing on the Clubs of the series.  There will be a couple more CKFiction Dictionaries and Literary Locations.  I’ll have a Literary Listening playlist for Crossover at some point (not too soon though, because spoilers).  I will share some more poetry and hopefully another short story or two.  There are several more Author Spotlights in the works, along with a couple more Blogumentaries.

With that in mind, what would you most like to see in the coming year, and which posts have been your favorite from 2019?  Here’s to another year of writing and making progress toward my new goals.  Thanks for coming along for the ride!

Thank you, that is all.

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