Book Review: Rust, Gore, and the Junkyard Zombie

I love a good zombie story. I also enjoy short, easy reads. This title is the perfect combination of those two things.

The story is told from the perspective of multiple characters in the form of journal entries. The characters are all family members that own and operate a junkyard in West Virginia. They all have unique and useful backgrounds, making them a perfect team to survive and find answers for why everything went wrong. The story takes you from the junkyard in West Virginia, to Fort Belvoir outside of Washington D.C., to a third destination that I won’t name to avoid spoiler territory.

While you get a sense of the rural, small town mentality, there is a level of eloquence from the characters that wouldn’t seem typical from that area, and the local dialect is missing from the dialogue.

The story tends to focus on the humanity aspect during a zombie apocalypse, and what people are capable of when push comes to shove. Zombies were present in the background of the story, but rarely provided much threat to the group of heroes. Most of the conflict came between the survivors and how they interacted with one another.

My biggest piece of critical feedback would pertain to formatting issues. There were several odd spacing issues and paragraph breaks, but that’s just nitpicking. In terms of the actual plot, I would have liked to see the zombies serve a more imposing threat. There was also travel over some lengthy distances, and the difficulty that would come along with that could have used more focus to challenge the group as well. The structure is solid, I just would have liked to see some topics and scenes expanded a bit more.

Overall, as mentioned, this was a short, easy read. If you can get past the formatting issues (which are just distracting, but don’t detract from the story itself), this is a fun zompoc that you should certainly check out. The resolution was an interesting one, and was satisfactory to boot. I give it three broken down tanks out of five.


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