CKFiction Shopping Guide for the Holiday Season

The holidays are fast approaching, whether you’re ready for them or not.  Which means the pressure is mounting if you haven’t started shopping yet.  Well let me ease some of that stress with today’s post.  I’m about to give you the perfect suggestions for literally everyone on your shopping list.

Before that though, let’s make sure we’re all on the same page.  I’d like to think we can all agree that there should be no tolerance for ignorance.  Ya with me?  I think there’s a natural connection between ignorance and a lack of reading.  Reading expands your vocabulary.  It informs you about subjects you aren’t familiar with, and it educates you further on subjects that are already are familiar with.  Based on those truths, then we should have all just come to the same conclusion: books are the perfect gift for everybody!  Let me break it down a number of ways and prove it to you. Ready?

Age ranges:

Small children – My Ship Don’t Sink – Newborns to four-year-olds all enjoy the colorful pictures and rhyming story. When they get just a little older, you can have them read the book to you for a couple more years!  Talk about value; we’re talking about six years of enjoyment for under ten bucks!  The dimensions of this book lend perfectly to fitting inside a stocking.

Teenagers who don’t read much – Paperback copies or ebooks of the Kings of Chaos series.  Perfect subject matter and an easy story line make my books perfect for them!  The paperback format is lighter, and doesn’t feel as substantial or intimidating for somebody not familiar with the habit of reading.  Make it an electronic version, and they’ll feel right at home reading it on their phone/tablet.  These are perfect for cramming into stockings individually, or packaging them together as a single gift for the whole series.

Teenagers who read all the time – Paperbacks, hardback copies, or ebooks of the Kings of Chaos series, depending on each individual bibliophile.  They’re always looking for something new to read, so why not give them a fun series to sink into for a couple days?  Paperbacks are easier to pass along when they finish the series, or hardbacks have a nicer appeal when sitting on a shelf after reading.  Ebooks are convenient and compatible with any device of your choosing.  It all just comes down to each reader’s preference here.  You’re definitely gonna want to box up the whole series for this presentation though, whichever format you choose.

Teenagers, young adults, bachelors, and single parents – The Man’s Guide to Quick & Simple Meals for the Kitchen Impaired – Tired of feeling gross from eating fast food all the time?  Frozen dinners lost their appeal?  Feel light-headed and overwhelmed when you step into a kitchen?  Then this book was written specifically for you!  Written for people who don’t know how to cook by somebody who doesn’t know how to cook.  These recipes are simple and tasty.  Each one is even reviewed by my wife in a “She says” section to prove that everything is edible!  The size of this cookbook makes it awkward to wrap and not easy to fit into a stocking, but you can always leave it unwrapped and simply place it on top of the gifts below the tree.


(I know these aren’t interchangeable, so I’m including both.  Feel free to identify with whichever group you are most comfortable with.)

Manly men who like to be handy – Hardback copies of the Kings of Chaos series, so they don’t get obliterated by all the power tools.  See above – perfect subject matter with short chapters make it easy to pick up while the paint and/or glue dries.  Wrap them in duct tape, and watch the joy leap from their faces.

Women – Paperback copies of the Kings of Chaos series, so it’ll fit easier into a purse.  Wait, did I just make it chauvinistic?  It’s not all testosterone-fueled shenanigans, I promise. There’s just enough of a love story to keep everybody interested.

Career & Leisure

Military veterans – Ebook, Paperback OR hardback copies of the Kings of Chaos series – you can’t go wrong either way here.  Hardback will last longer with all of the moves that go along with deployments, but paperback would be easier to manipulate while in the field.  Ebooks are nice because they have the convenience of almost endless titles at their fingertips without having to lug around a bunch of books.  Several characters in the series have USAF backgrounds. Vets will find the comfort of being able to relate to those characters and their detailed plot lines specifically.  Box up the series and present them as a complete package.

Law Enforcement Officers – See Military veterans.  There is a strong LEO presence in these stories through a variety of agencies and scenarios.  Rookie cops all the way up to retired vets will recognize a lot of the thought processes that plague the characters, and will instantly relate to the criminal presence.

Bikers – Ebook copies of the Kings of Chaos series.  It’s a series about bikers for crying out loud!  It’s not easy to pack a bunch of books on a bike though, so downloading them all onto a single device is probably the way to go.

Reading habits

“I don’t really read,” OR “I like to read, but don’t have the time.”  Ebooks or paperback copies of The Kings of Chaos Motorcycle Club series are perfect for you.  They’re full of short, quick chapters and are fast, easy reads.  Start with the first one and see if I’m right!  If you simply insist on not reading, then that’s a personal problem and there’s nothing I can do to help that.  Remember what we talked about at the beginning of this post though.  You know, the “I” word.  We don’t want that.

Avid readers – get them the Deluxe Photo Tour Hardback Editions of the Kings of Chaos series and let them immerse themselves into the world on a whole new level.  Find me at an author event and get signed copies, making the gift that much more personal!

Beyond books

This category will be a little trickier to navigate.  If you’ve already experienced the full Kings of Chaos experience, then all that’s left is some licensed paraphernalia.  Track me down at any number of author events that I attend and stock up on Kings of Chaos buttons, patches, posters, playing cards, can koozies, keychains, and more!

So there we have it. The perfect gift recommendations for everybody you know. Now hit the store page, and stock up for all your gift-giving needs!

Thank you, that is all.


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