The CKFiction Indie Authors Reading Guide

It’s that time of year again. Holiday shopping is in full effect, and you might be racking your brain to come up with unique ideas for all of the loved ones you haven’t been able to visit much this year. #ThanksCOVID. With the current state of the world, books are an even better gift than normal. You know, to help facilitate social distancing and all.

Last year I listed out the ideal demographics for my books. (Hint: like any good salesman, I showed how pretty much all my books are perfect for pretty much everybody.) However, I’m well aware that I’m not everybody’s cup of tea. I get it. I’m weird and have a penchant for making things awkward. My books might not be for everybody. Who would want a fun series chock-full of dry sarcasm, bad dad jokes, and cheesy innuendos? No, that’s probably not appealing at all.

Anyway, I also like to plug the indie writing community every chance I get, and what better time for that than now??

The problem with trying to navigate the self published landscape of indie writers? Knowing where to start. What books are going to be well written? Which books are going to be interesting and unique? The general rule of not judging a book by its cover applies more than ever to self published titles. Let’s be serious, judging a book by its cover is normal. But indie authors may not have the budget for a polished, eye-catching cover design. In terms of lesser established writers, don’t let that sway you to discard the title and move to something else.  Instead, let me offer some suggestions and insight into several really great reads!

Let me break down some personal favorites of mine for all readers:

(**Editor’s note: Clicking on the author’s name will take you to an author spotlight so you can learn more about them.  Clicking on the title of their work will take you to a review, and clicking on “order here” will take you to Amazon so you can add it to your cart.**)

Fantasy – As previously stated, I struggle with this genre, so for me to recommend a fantasy book, then you’ve gotta believe that it’s a great read.

Jon Degler – Princess Olive. Definitely a fun read for adults and young adults alike. Order your copy here and thank me later!

Adam Moore – Compendium Twenty-Three.  Fantasy with a Christian twist. What happens when everyone’s guardian angel becomes visible? Pandemonium.  Order book one here, then check out book two immediately after!

Cait MarieThe Lost Legends and newly release sequel, The Lost Prince.  If you like a little bit of romance to fuel your fantasy stories, these books are great choices.  Order book one here, and book two here.

Katheryn Schwarz – The Blood Dragon.  If you’re looking for ancient dragons, then you can stop searching here.  I never got into the Game of Thrones/dragon phenomenon, but The Blood Dragon drew me into the story right from the start.  Order your copy here.


Christian Scully – The Chronicles of Erika Lorenz.  This series is what all vampire stories should strive to be.  The backstory is original and unique, and the action is perfect.  (Although, I think Scully gets a little too much joy from watching his characters suffer.  But hey, that’s just my opinion.)  Order book one here, and book two here.


Patrick J. O’Brian – I’ve clearly documented my total fandom of O’Brian’s work, and in my opinion, there are simply too many great titles to list. But…the book that got me hooked was Reaper. Plus, it’s the first book of a series, so if you enjoy it as much as me, then you’ll be set for awhile!  Order your copy here.

Ben OnealDie Laughing.  Following FBI Agent Benjamin Kroh, while he hunts a stand-up comedian is a lot of fun.  Order book one here, and book two here.


Donna Trovato – It’s Coming for You. This collection of short stories is bound to leave you creeped out and at least a little disturbed!  The stories are original and fun, in a totally horrific way.  Order your copy here.

Short story anthologies:

Fun Size – Are you surprised that most of these authors contributed to Circle City Publishing‘s first project, the Fun Size Anthology? You probably shouldn’t be! All of these authors are friends of mine, and I admire each of their writing styles, so it only makes sense for them to be on this list! If you still aren’t convinced, then order a copy of Fun Size today, and get a preview of several of these writers to see what all the hype is about!

Ephemera – This anthology offers stories ranging from apocalyptic to romance to mystery to steampunk.  It really covers a whole range of genres, and each story was required to incorporate a life lesson and a random word that was assigned by another writer.  Order your copy here.

Nightmare Whispers – Three volumes of horrific short stories.  The stories themselves are beautiful, but horror is the theme.  Get it?  Order your copy here.


Maybe you’ve heard of a series called the Kings of Chaos Motorcycle Club Series?  Man, I sure hope so.  If you haven’t checked it out yet, order your copies from the store page!

Children’s Books:

My Ship Don’t Sink! Know of somebody that is in the process of reproducing?  Looking for a fun baby shower gift?  Pair up this fun children’s book with some bath toys for a perfect present.  You can find this title on the store page, too!

With the holidays fast approaching, and the importance of social distancing, there’s never been a better time to give books as gifts.  Instead of the predictable titles from the likes of James Patterson and Stephen King, why not help support the indie community, and introduce some new authors to your friends and family?  Or hell, just give them the link to this article – there are enough links included to keep somebody reading for days!

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