Exploring the Writing Community: Fae Corps Publishing

Not too long ago, I was featured with an interview with Fae Corps Publishing.  In the interest of sharing resources with the writing community, I asked if I could repay the favor, and they were gracious enough to participate!  Their mission regarding the indie community is right in line with my own, so without further adieu, let’s learn more about this great independent writing resource.

From their facebook page:

Fae Corps Publishing was created by two sisters, Patti Harris and Cyndi Pilcher. We are both Indie Authors and Artists and wanted to help others been seen.
It isn’t easy being an Indie. We all work our buns off to make sure our work is perfect before we get it into the hands of our fans. We do all the legwork once our work is done. All the marketing, the sales, setting up pages/websites, etc is all on us.
SO, Patti and I decided to create a blog to showcase Indie Authors and Artists. We will share your work, websites, and anything else you’d like us to get out there!
Later this Summer, we will be publishing our first anthology, Under the Mists with six amazing Indie Authors and we are hoping to do more, so make sure you head over to our blog, fill out one (or both) of the questionnaires, and email your answers to us so we can get your work out there!
Let’s work together to get the Indie community more exposure and help build each other up!
~Keep on Creating~
Cyndi and Patti
Owners, Fae Corps Publishing

Fae Corps Publishing is a unique name.  Can you describe its meaning and where it came from?  Secondly, what was the inspiration/motivation for starting Fae Corps Publishing?

We were doing a faery anthology.  We are best friends, soul sisters, and we decided to turn the anthology into a company to do what we did already: supporting indie authors like ourselves.  Fae Corps was a play on the idea of a newspaper of Faeries. Our Corps of writers. 😂 That anthology, Under the Mists, was released in July. It was a six author book of wonderful dark faery stories.

What was your goal when you first started FCP?

Our goal is the same as it always has been, to help indie authors and artists to be seen.

How long has FCP been operating?

We started FCP officially in May, though the two of us have been doing this for a while.

What is your favorite part of running your site and the services you provide?

Patti: My favorite part is designing the graphics and finding well written posts to reblog.

Cyndi: My favorite part of this company is reading all the amazing stories and poems we get sent and being able to get these authors seen.

How can people contact you and submit their information to be featured?

Our WordPress has a questionnaire on it, or Facebook, or email faecorpspublishing@gmail.com

Anything else you’d like to share?

We have two more anthologies in the works. Faery footprints, a poetry anthology, is due to be released this month, and Through the sunshine, a light fae anthology that is still accepting stories until January 31.


Thanks to Patti and Cyndi for taking the time to share about Fae Corps Publishing – another great resource for indie writers!

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