Summertime: Sunshine, Fireworks, and Grilling

“Here. Hold my drink real quick,” I said to my friend, passing the cup to him. He stashed it under his feet, then we kicked back and settled in to our seats. We had spent the majority of the day tipping back some ice cold refreshments, and we were both feeling pretty good. We leaned our heads back and soaked up the sun. We absorbed the sights, sounds, and smells. The bright, afternoon sunshine assaulted our eyes through our sunglasses. Gunpowder from fireworks wafted through the air after the deafening booms of their detonation.

Summer was upon us, and I could smell all the meats on the grill. Pork, bacon specifically, flooded my nasal passages. The neighborhood was abuzz with activity, and most people didn’t seem to notice or care about our shenanigans as they were too preoccupied with their own.  Inexplicably, the bacon smell intensified as a new guest to the party approached. 

“License and registration, please,” the officer said as he stepped up to the side of my convertible, instantly harshing my mellow. “Do you know why I stopped you today?”

I shifted in my seat, tugging on the safety belt. I shook my head negatively, not wanting to offer any assistance or volunteer any extra information.

With my silence filling the air, he carried the conversation. “Those cups you got over there would be a good place to start, then we can go from there.”

Welp, happy summer to me, I guess.

DISCLAIMER: This story does not reflect my thoughts, opinions, or beliefs of the law or its officers. Please drink responsibly, at a legal age, and don’t drink and drive.

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