Appreciate a Dragon Day

The dragon stalked his prey, watching the puny humans walk by the window of their castle. His senses heightened, and all he heard was the slow pulse of his heartbeat and the chirping of nearby crickets. The dragon slinked into his surroundings, stealthily drawing closer to his target. The humans never saw the attack coming. The dragon sprang from his hiding place and devoured his meal. The chirping from the crickets instantly ceased. The quick action caught the humans by surprise, causing the queen to jump from the sudden movement.

“What the hell?!” asked the lady of the castle.

“Who knows,” responded her partner. He was clearly not amused, and barely interested in the threat. “That bearded dragon is always doing weird stuff and causing a ruckus in that terrarium.”

The dragon looked at them, through the glass pane of his habitat, pleased with his hunting ability, and reaping the benefits of a fresh meal.

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