Fun Size Friday: Story Teasers, Part 3

We have a couple more story teasers this week to get an idea of what the Fun Size Anthology will have in store! Our first teaser today features George Kramer, one of the most established contributors to the Fun Size Anthology.

Learn more about the series:

This story takes place immediately before book one in the renowned Arcadis series (Arcadis Prophecy), with further references to book two (Arcadis War,) book four (Arcadis Emperor of all Emperor of none,) and book six (Arcadis To walk among the gods).

Next up is a teaser from Circle City Publishing co-founder, Adam K. Moore, and his Compendium Twenty-Three series.


Learn more about the series:

Angels versus demons is a matchup as old as time itself.  But when an angel appears next to a nobody like Jacob Curzo (it’s a tradition) Crawley on his way to work one morning, life and death suddenly take on a whole new meaning.  When guardian angels were suddenly revealed without warning or explanation, nobody seemed worried that the foe – demons – could be right behind them.  But Jacob is more important than he realizes, and the information he holds is key to surviving the coming battle for the mortal world.

See the world through Jacob’s eyes.  The Compendium Twenty-Three Series begins with Part I: Through the Valley and continues in Part II: Shadow of Death.  Both are available now.  Part III: Fear No Evil will see the series come to an end, as well as the world as we know it.  (Release date TBD.)

Be sure to check back each week to see what authors will be featured along with a brief synopsis of their stories that will be in the Fun Size Anthology!

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