Kings of Chaos Behind the Scenes: the Clubs

With Crossover being out for awhile now, let’s take a look behind the scenes at the MCs from the series.


***Do not proceed if you haven’t read the series***

Kings of Chaos – 1%ers.  The original OG Kings.  The old timers.  Call them what you will, as long as there’s no disrespect.  Comprised of only a single charter, often referred to as the mother chapter in the MC world, based out of the semi-fictitious town of Rough River Falls, Kentucky.  This is the club that started it all.  The club that nearly ruined Will McGee before he had a chance to get established, and then also almost ruined him again after he managed to correct his course.  The club was dismantled after being busted for participating in distributing cocaine.

The 1%er term originated following the Hollister, California riots of 1947. These events were a massive black eye for the motorcycling community, and the American Motorcycle Association had to defend itself. In a press statement, the AMA famously said that 99% of all motorcycle riders are good, upstanding, law-abiding citizens. That left the outlaws to make up the other 1%, hence the nickname that was fully embraced by the outlaw community.

Following the events of Crossroads, a second iteration of the Kings was formed, but in a different image.  The second go-around didn’t involve the cocaine or aggression of the first club.  Well, kind of.  The aggression was more direct and deliberate, and only when warranted, and the cocaine was replaced with moonshine.  That doesn’t seem quite as bad, right?  Technically they ditched the outlaw status, but still had a hard time operating within the law…even with the two town marshals serving as the VP and Sergeant at Arms.

Bluegrass Bombers – Also 1%ers, but they don’t broadcast that fact as much as the original Kings.  The Bombers MC is also comprised of a single mother chapter, but they primarily stick to the city of Owensboro, Kentucky.  These guys tend to think they’re the cock of the walk, hailing from the “big city” versus the backwoods town of Rough River Falls.  The name and logo have heavy ties to the origin of the club, which was founded by Kentucky Air National Guard members.

New Kings of Chaos – Not even a real MC.  Consists of five young guys who stole the Kings moniker and elements of their logo.  While that is a total outlaw move, yet completely disrespectful and unacceptable, these guys do not fit in to the 1%, outlaw world.  They don’t have the survive-at-all-costs mentality, and the original Kings are more than willing to teach them that when they arrive back on the scene in Rough River Falls.  These guys also lack the general, American biker vibe.  They ride around on rat bikes, wearing vintage clothing, man buns, and operate the “club” out of their parent’s garage.

And there we have it; a brief overview of the factions from the Kings of Chaos world.  Which club do you think you would fit in best with?  (Hint: there’s only two real options.  Hopefully that will help you choose correctly!)

Be on the lookout for more developments regarding the Kings of Chaos MC with the next, and final, chapter in the club’s history.

Thank you, that is all.

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