Book Review: It’s Coming for You

It’s been a little while since my last book review. That’s not because I haven’t read anything, I’ve just struggled with getting the latest reviews done for various reasons. My most recent read hasn’t offered those same struggles. It was such an enjoyable read, I’ve been anxious to share my thoughts about it!

First, in the interest of full disclosure, I won a free copy of “It’s Coming for You” by Donna Trovato during an author takeover for the Ephemera anthology release party.

Now that you know where the book came from, I’d like to start with some general observations about this collection. First thing, the writing is so clean, which is frequently such a maddeningly overlooked aspect in the indie publishing world. I primarily read indie authors at this point and the writing can be disappointingly sloppy. Trovato’s spelling, grammar, structure, and pacing are all done beautifully.

None of that even mentions the quality of the stories, which are all well crafted, original, and simply fun to read. They’re long enough to get you invested as the reader, but short enough to provide a quick payoff for each story throughout the anthology. Each story is formed from familiar genres, but each have their own new, unique twist, leaving you in suspense as you read through each of the ten tales. The descriptions are grotesque and can make your stomach churn, and there’s just enough psychological thrills to give you goosebumps.

I don’t give perfect ratings very often, because to me, there’s always room for improvement. With that said, that’s probably also true in this case, but I can’t deny how much I enjoyed this book of short stories. Overall, I give “It’s Coming for You” five bumps in the night out of five!

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