Book Review: The Lost Legends

This review comes on the heels of Cait Marie’s debut novel, The Lost Legends.  I’d seen a lot of promotional material leading up to its release, and I was familiar with part of the backstory, thanks to The Lost Warriors short story that was included in Circle City Publishing’s Fun Size Anthology.  Other than that, all I knew was that there was something about cursed pirates, war, and all the good stuff, but that was more than enough to get me excited to check out the full story.

The story centers around a magical fairytale about cursed, immortal warriors, and the kingdom that created them and then subsequently banished them.  Princess Adalina, along with her Prince brother, Shane, learns of an evil plan from their father.  Princess Ada goes on a mission to track down these lost warriors to help foil her father’s evil plans and protect her people.  She sets sail with pirates in search of a fantasy, while her brother remains at home, secretly working against the king from within.  Ada makes some startling discoveries, but does she ever find what she’s looking for, or does it all turn out to ultimately be an old wive’s tale that her mother told her when she was little?  You’ll have to check it out for yourself to get those answers!

Cait’s writing is top-notch.  That much is apparent from the first chapter.  And it only becomes more obvious the further you read.  The story structure is executed beautifully, and it seems that Cait really did her homework when planning the story for The Lost Legends.

I’ve recently come around to the idea that I don’t mind some fantasy stories, so I went into this title with my mind wide open, fully expecting to enjoy it.  And I did.  If I had to give any complaints, it would probably be that the story offered more romance than I typically care for in books that I read.  That’s just my own personal preference though, and is no way a criticism of this story.  It was fitting, and drove the narrative in a way that made it natural to the plot.

Overall, I give The Lost Legends four magical cards out of five.


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