Fun Size Friday: Story Teasers, Part 1

This week, we’ll kick off a series of story teasers to get an idea of what the Fun Size Anthology will have in store! First up, I’m stoked to announce, is a story inspired by Patrick J. O’Brian‘s West Baden Murders Series. Check out the teaser below, then learn a little more about the series below that! Continue reading

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Appreciate a Dragon Day

The dragon stalked his prey, watching the puny humans walk by the window of their castle. His senses heightened, and all he heard was the slow pulse of his heartbeat and the chirping of nearby crickets. The dragon slinked into his surroundings, stealthily drawing closer to his target. The humans never saw the attack coming. The dragon sprang from his hiding place and devoured his meal. The chirping from the crickets instantly ceased. The quick action caught the humans by surprise, causing the queen to jump from the sudden movement. Continue reading

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Fun Size: A Sample Anthology Cover Reveal

Good news: today will be the start of a new series! Leading up to the release of the Fun Size Anthology, I will be posting story teasers each week so you can see what to expect from this great collection, and it shall be called Fun Size Fridays! We’ve already had some good cover teasers building up to today’s full reveal, so let’s check it out! Continue reading


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Author Spotlight: Ben Oneal

Today’s spotlight shines on another author that I’ve been fortunate enough to share several signing events with, and have gotten to know him a little more each time.  I’ve had one of his books, Die Laughing, in my TBR pile for over two years, and I’m glad to report that I was finally able to jump into it. It’s been a great read and it’s truly one of those books that are hard to put down! Be on the lookout for a review in the very near future. With that, let’s get to the good part of this post already!

Continue reading


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2020 Teaser: Fun Size Edition

Last week I teased some cover art for the upcoming Fun Size Anthology. In case you missed it, there was a minimal amount revealed, hence the term “teaser.”

Well, now that the call for submissions has officially closed, how about another look on this New Years Day, with a little more revealed? Continue reading

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The CKFiction Year in Review

As I shared about a month ago, I was very intentional this year about making some improvements and advances with my writing career.  Given the stats I’ve achieved on my site for this year, I’m excited for things to come.  Let’s take a look at some raw numbers.

In the past 12 months I’ve posted 54 articles (including this one), including 6 features on other writers, 4 book reviews, 4 spotlights on resources in the writing community, 4 posts in my ongoing Behind the Scenes series, 12 Blogumentary articles, 2 CKFiction Dictionary posts, 4 Literary Listening playlists, 2 Literary Locations, 4 short stories and poems, and rounded out the total with 12 miscellaneous posts.

Once I started seeing the response I was getting from regularly posting content, I quietly set a goal for my site for the year.  Continue reading

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My Profile as a Writer

People have countless ideas of what it means to be a writer.  Usually they range anywhere from romanticizing about a cabin writing retreat in the woods, to working three jobs, but still starving and struggling to make ends meet.  I’m somewhere in the middle.  I have spent time writing at a nice lake cottage and tropical resorts, but I also do have a “real job” during the day to keep my family sustained financially, because without that, I would absolutely be starving.

As with most aspects of my life, I tend to blur the lines and complicate typical, preconceived notions. Continue reading

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