Exploring the Writing Community: Fae Corps Publishing

Not too long ago, I was featured with an interview with Fae Corps Publishing.  In the interest of sharing resources with the writing community, I asked if I could repay the favor, and they were gracious enough to participate!  Their mission regarding the indie community is right in line with my own, so without further adieu, let’s learn more about this great independent writing resource.

From their facebook page:

Fae Corps Publishing was created by two sisters, Patti Harris and Cyndi Pilcher. We are both Indie Authors and Artists and wanted to help others been seen.
It isn’t easy being an Indie. We all work our buns off to make sure our work is perfect before we get it into the hands of our fans. We do all the legwork once our work is done. All the marketing, the sales, setting up pages/websites, etc is all on us.
SO, Patti and I decided to create a blog to showcase Indie Authors and Artists. We will share your work, websites, and anything else you’d like us to get out there!
Later this Summer, we will be publishing our first anthology, Under the Mists with six amazing Indie Authors and we are hoping to do more, so make sure you head over to our blog, fill out one (or both) of the questionnaires, and email your answers to us so we can get your work out there!
Let’s work together to get the Indie community more exposure and help build each other up!
~Keep on Creating~
Cyndi and Patti
Owners, Fae Corps Publishing

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Blogumentary: Peer Associations

Let me start by saying this: Self-publishing is an art form.  Sure, writing is a literal form of art, but that’s not what I’m talking about here.  The process of self-publishing and the magic that goes into it is an art form all unto itself.  Traditionally published writers have the luxury of having agents, editors, and publishing companies that handle everything from cover design to marketing.  The writer is able to focus on one thing – the writing.  As a self-published author, I’m solely responsible for everyone of those aspects I just mentioned.

Having said that, while I am solely responsible for completing each of those things, that hardly means I do it alone.  Luckily, I’ve been able to create a hell of a support system who have been crucial in my publishing career, and have helped me put out as polished of a finished product as possible. Continue reading

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Book Review: Uncertain Terms

Here we go, folks.  My review of Patrick J. O’Brian‘s latest offering, Uncertain Terms.  Get to know a little more about this great book below, then pick up your copy at the link I just included!

***Mild spoilers below***

Michael Brogan was a good cop, unlike the rest of his family.  He moved halfway across the country, from Chicago to Boston, to distance himself from their mistakes and reputations.  Or so he thought.  His world all comes crashing down one afternoon when he wakes up in a cell while the local news runs the story of his murder.  Now it’s up to him to atone for his family’s transgressions.  He’s introduced to an unknown agency that likes to keep secrets and isn’t everything they lead on to be.  However, through working with them and their seemingly endless resources, he’s able to do some good work and have a positive impact on the world around him, even if nobody knows it’s him.  Continue reading

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Interview with Fae Corps Publishing

Recently, I was fortunate enough to be featured by Fae Corps Publishing with an author spotlight. They are an up-and-coming independent publisher with a focus on assisting up-and-coming independent authors. These types of resources and motivations is what makes the writing community so great. Hopefully, I’ll be able to repay the favor in the near future with a feature on them, so stay tuned! Until then, click the link above and check out my interview with them!

Thank you, that is all.


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My CKFiction Thanksgiving

This year I dedicated a lot of time and effort into refueling content production for this website.  I wanted to get serious about my writing and work on developing my skills in the craft.  I worked hard coming up with ideas for posts every week, and minus a couple weeks in the middle of the year, I’ve accomplished my goal.

Today I’m going to pull back the curtain just a little bit more.  There’s kind of an unspoken, but understood rule in the media world that authors don’t divulge numbers in regard to book sales, bloggers don’t talk about number of visits, and podcasters don’t speak about their number of subscribers.  Mostly, I think that rule exists because people don’t want to reveal that their audience might not be as big as other audiences, or that they barely have an audience at all.  I know that’s definitely the case for me.  Exposing myself for the fraud that I am is scary, but it doesn’t change my motivations or desire to continue writing. Continue reading

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The Best CKFiction Reading Spots

Okay, so Crossover has been out for two months now.  Hell, Crossroads has been out for over three years.  If you still haven’t checked out the Kings of Chaos Motorcycle Club series for whatever reason, then let’s discuss, because, frankly, that just seems inexcusable.  Last week, I pointed out how the series is perfect for pretty much any demographic.  Simply can’t figure out when or where to read it?  Then let’s brainstorm and come up with some ideas together, shall we?

When I wrote the books, I intentionally kept the chapters short.  It keeps the story progressing for the reader, and as the writer, it makes crafting each chapter like it is its own separate short story.  Not to mention it provides plenty of natural reading breaks.  When I consider reading a book, I like to flip through and get an idea of the chapter lengths.  Long chapters aren’t an automatic deal-breaker per se, but they are certainly a turn off.  I’m not able to devote big chunks of time to read all at once, so having good places to set a book down is helpful for me as a reader.  As a writer, I like to keep that in mind and take it into consideration.  There’s also another unintended benefit – it draws the reader into the story a little more.  With short chapters, readers tend to think, “Okay, just one more chapter.  Oh, that was fast.  I can squeeze in another one.  Okay, one more won’t hurt.”  And so on, and so on.  Before they know it, they’ve ripped through the book and are clamoring for more (if it’s written well).

Now let’s get down to business.  The whole point of this article is to offer suggestions on the when, where, and how you can finally get up to speed with Will McGee.  Here we go…

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CKFiction Shopping Guide for the Holiday Season

The holidays are fast approaching, whether you’re ready for them or not.  Which means the pressure is mounting if you haven’t started shopping yet.  Well let me ease some of that stress with today’s post.  I’m about to give you the perfect suggestions for literally everyone on your shopping list.

Before that though, let’s make sure we’re all on the same page.  I’d like to think we can all agree that there should be no tolerance for ignorance.  Ya with me?  I think there’s a natural connection between ignorance and a lack of reading.  Reading expands your vocabulary.  It informs you about subjects you aren’t familiar with, and it educates you further on subjects that are already are familiar with.  Based on those truths, then we should have all just come to the same conclusion: books are the perfect gift for everybody!  Let me break it down a number of ways and prove it to you. Ready? Continue reading

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