Book review: If Only The Names Were Changed

Welcome to my newest venture into the writing culture. I’ve never written a formal book review, aside from my plagiarized reports about The Baby-Sitters Club and The Boxcar Children many, many years ago. Recently I was indirectly approached about the idea of writing a review for the first full-length book from author Andrew Miller, If Only The Names Were Changed. Never shy to try something new (totally kidding, I need to get back into my bubble immediately), I decided to give it a shot. So without further adieu, let me tell you all about it!

I went into this book with a completely open mind, not knowing what to expect. With the opening story taking place at the funeral of the author’s father, he grabbed my undivided attention from the onset. This book, or collection of personal essays, serves as a memoir of sorts for Andrew, and offers an honest and raw introspection into his being. It is truly an uncensored exploration deep into the mind and soul of the writer. Andrew gives the reader an uninhibited view into himself that pulls no punches – good, bad, or otherwise. Continue reading


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Cover reveal: Crossroads

With all the rounds of proofreading, edits, and rewrites out-of-the-way, my first full-length novel Crossroads is approaching a release date.  Final formatting has been completed, and the manuscript has been submitted to the publisher.  My proof copy has been mailed from the printer, and once I receive it and comb through it to make sure it’s as perfect as I can get it, I will finally be able to announce a release date.  In the mean time, let me brighten your day with an early look at the cover art and a brief synopsis to grab your attention! Continue reading

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Blogumentary: Step 4 – Editing

Here we go again.  I disappeared again and you all thought I had given up didn’t you?  Well it only appeared that way.  Admittedly, I got beyond distracted, plus life threw up some speed bumps along the way.  It happens.  The point here is that I didn’t give up.  Has it taken me 3 times longer than I originally hoped?  Absolutely, but I’m sticking with it and I will finish this thing.  (I’m actually getting really close, believe it or not!)  So there you have it.  Now moving on.

Proofreading, editing, re-writes, beta reading: call it what you will, but it all serves the same purpose. To polish your writing as much as possible so you’re putting out the best product you can.   Continue reading

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I’m basically a chef

It’s here!  The time has finally come!  After 3 long years and multiple attempts to get it produced, The Man’s Guide to Quick & Simple Meals for the Kitchen-Impaired is released!

Preview thumbnail

This cookbook is written by a guy that can’t cook (me) for people who can’t cook.  The recipes are very easy and basic to compliment the typical diet of fast food and frozen dinners.  The perfect gift for somebody that’s about to trek out on their own, but might not quite be ready to feed themselves.  40 packed pages of practical help to get those millennials, bachelors, and dads through their next meal.

Click the link above or check out the new Store Page at the top of the site to order a copy for you and everyone you know!



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Shock and pain hit Rusty’s body just as fast as his brain could process it.  Bone-jarring hits were nothing new to the demolition derby veteran, but direct hits to his driver’s door were out of the norm, not to mention illegal.  He looked to his left and saw the all-too-familiar black and green paint scheme of his rival, Parker.  He could clearly make out the stupid looking black, three-quarter helmet that Parker wore because he said it made him look like “The Intimidator.”  “Sure, and my butt hair looks like Richard Petty’s mustache,” was Rusty’s response.

For six years, this rivalry had taken shape and become overly bitter.  Bitter, mainly because Parker could never quite figure out how to beat Rusty.  It started out innocent enough at the LeGrande County Fair. Continue reading

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So it turns out I’m a poet and didn’t even yada yada yada…

So I learned of a poetry project last month and was intrigued by the concept to say the least.  The idea, aptly named Project 411, was to take contributions from as many poets/writers as possible, and compile a 411 line poem to represent the 411 miles of free-flowing freedom that is the Wabash River, an Indiana geographic icon.  I whipped up my 5 best attempts at poetry and clicked on the submit button.

Well, the final product was released this week and I was excited to see my name listed in the participant’s section!  The finished poem is filled with truly inspiring words, so I strongly encourage you to check it out when you have a few minutes.  Make your guesses in the comments and see if you can single out my efforts!


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Road Trip

Compendium (noun): a collection of things that have been gathered together and presented as a group especially in the form of a book.

The following short story is in collaboration with Adam K. Moore and is set in the world he created with his first novel, COMPENDIUM TWENTY-THREE: PART I, Through the Valley.

The subsequent companion short stories are meant to enhance and expand that universe in and beyond Independence, Indiana.  I strongly encourage you to check out the original story and fully immerse yourself in the battle for good and evil.

“Wake up,” she whispered frantically, shaking her son awake from a deep sleep.

“Mom, what’s wrong?” asked her son, Tommy.

“We have to go.  I need you to be a big helper and grab some clothes, okay?”  This is not how Caroline anticipated her day starting.

“Why?  I don’t want to,” Tommy whined.  “I wanna go back to sleep.”

Realistically, nobody expects their day to start this way.  The difference is that most people don’t see the movements in the shadows.  Most people don’t hear the hushed tones of plans for terror being formulated.  However, Caroline is not most people. Continue reading

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